Discoloration with white spot and scale loss

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Our bearded dragon has developed a discolored area on her side with a white area in the middle where it looks like the scales have dropped off. Can anyone tell me if this is a fungal infection, and if there is a good home treatment option? I have a photo, but I'm not sure how to share it here. If someone can give me some tips I'll be happy to put it up so as to help with the diagnosis. Thanks.


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The only way to be sure is to have ONLY an experienced reptile vet do a skin scraping to have it tested. Is there anything she could have been injured on ? Do you have a heat rock or anything at all she could have burned it on ? Does she spend time outside of her tank crawling around ? For now you can put some raw honey on it. Raw unpasteurized honey is a powerful natural antimicrobial and helps tissue to regenerate. You can thin it with a small amount of warm water and apply daily, just be sure there are no loose crickets in the tank that would go for the wound + the honey.

And a side point, she is on the thin side, you might bump up her live feedings a bit. But she looks very sweet...hopefully everything will turn out O.K :)


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Thanks for the advice. I think we'll try the honey for a week or so and see what it does. If the area is unresponsive to that, maybe we'll try an antifungal cream.
I just posted, because my beardie has a spot that looks exactly the same. The vet I took him to (which wasn't an exotic, but was recommended) said it was either a bad shed or ringworm. I've been putting Lotramin on it, and it has slightly improved, but I've never seen anything like it before either.
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