Digital Thermometer question

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I wouldnt got with that becuase the metal probe. They have some by zoomed i think, with a 39 inch wire, and theres also some at walmart.


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thanks for the reply,I was thinking that too. Good thing i havent opened it yet, thanks again.


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OK silly Question and not sure if anyone else has ran into same thing. These thermometers have an In &Out button, which means In for Indoors and Out for Outdoors. Well If I select In the temp is WAY wrong, If I select Out then the temp is right. I placed the probe on the basking spot and it was showing in the high 70's, I switched it to Out and it showed the basking spot as 104. I double checked with a total different digital that did not have the In\Out feature and the temp showed as 109. I was told that they will probably be a little off. But be carefull with the In\Out feature.
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