Digging in rain/shower?


Whenever it's raining hard and my beardie is near the window, he starts acting odd. He leaps towards the window and seems like he's trying to dig to get outside and play in the rain. I've never taken him out in the rain before - should I?

Anyways, today I thought I would let him sort of play in the rain. I started a shower and put him beside the falling water. He tried to get out for a few sections because he had to poop. After pooping, he decided it was time to go play in the falling water from the shower. He ran in there, closed his eyes and started digging again. He also kicked at his head a bit as if there was some stuck shed? He didn't seem happy and started developing a blackbeard so I took him out. As I was drying him off, he kept running away and trying to dig again - again, he was moving in the direction of the shower (which I thought was odd).

I put him back in his enclosure and he's acting like nothing happened.

Any ideas why he does this? Is this normal?
I don’t have an answer unfortunately, but weirdly enough, my beardie did the exact same thing when I let him try the shower. Exactly the same, except he scratched his back, and his bearded stayed orange the whole time, even though he seemed to not exactly enjoy it.


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