Hello all!
I have noticed at night right after I turn off my beardies lights, he tries to “nuzzle” or dig his nose into the rock wall. This is causing him to scrape the scales off his snout. I’m thinking this behavior is because he is getting comfy before he goes to sleep. Perhaps he needs a little dig box for bedtime? Any advice on a safe substrate to use and the best way to make a little bedtime box for him?
I attached a picture so you can see what is happening to his snout.

Thanks so much!
Pam & Norbert


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I used to use alfalfa pellets with mine... I had a 'pool' that I think was intended for a water pool with a ramp for a more aquatic reptile, and would just fill it with the pellets and stick it in the corner. He would just about bury himself in it and seemed pretty content and comfey.
I think you can also use millet, and maybe paper pellet litter.
It doesn't look like there's damage done on his snout to me, but I'm not sure. It just looks like he's getting ready to shed a bit.
Good luck!


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Hi Kristin,

Thanks a lot for your reply, I will look into those options! I don’t think it’s shed, as he just finished a full shed a few days ago.


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It also looks like shed to me. I would think it would be red or raw looking if it were damaged. You could use a fleece blanket or cut it into strips for him to dig in. Personally I wouldn't use anything of the things suggested. Too much of an impaction risk in my opinion. If you wanted something more natural you could use a mix of play sand and top soil with no additives.

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