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So with Oslo being so much more active lately, and I’ve been too busy to get him out as much as I’d like, I really want to provide him with more in-house enrichment. I felt like a dig box would be a great start! But I’ve been very conflicted about substrate. I know coconut fiber causes RI, sand + potting soil is frankly just too messy, and I don’t like the idea of giving him newspaper because he tries to eat every piece he finds when he’s out and about.

So… I thought about Timothy hay? I know he can eat it, and I trust him not to poop in the box then eat it because I’ve had him for over a year and excluding the time he was on laxatives for impaction, he has been a star child. He only poops in one designated area right in front of the door, where I keep a puppy pad for easy clean up. But I haven’t found anything that says this is a good option, so I wanted to ask what people here thought about it before I actually went through it. I’m always afraid I’ll do something wrong if I don’t get reassurance first.
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Any loose substrate is going to cause some amount of mess. I like just normal playsand. Keep it dry or try to keep it moist to encourage burrowing. However, that's when organics come in handy to help hold in moisture.


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