Different types of staple grains?

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Hi. I haven't had my bearded dragon very long and I'm noticing during the winter her staple greens are out of season. So I have decided to start growing plants indoors. I ordered some collard greens and when they showed up they say collards Vates seeds. I have also noticed different types of other staple green seeds when I looked them up. I basically know nothing about plants.
My first question , are the Collard Vates good for a bearded dragon? Is there a specific type of collard greens I should be looking for?
I also looked up mustard greens and found Southern giant, Japanese, heirloom, Florida, Southern giant, red giant. Which one is good for a bearded dragon, or is there even a difference?
For the endive , I found green curled rufflec, emerald, and one listed as Endive and escarole. Which one should I get?
I am also planning on ordering mustard green seeds , I haven't looked it up yet, but is there a specific type I should be looking for?

And one more question. Can I use fertilizer on the plants? If yes what kind of fertilizer is safe to use?
Thank you for any help, have a great day.


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I would say no to the fertilizer --- here is a website to look for the greens I dont know if it specifies if not post back on here and we can have some others on here help you out
http://www.beautifuldragons.com/Nutrition.html ignore the kale thing its a good staple feeder
Yes, I looked at that list but it doesn't tell me the specific type of staple greens, or whether all types and variations are good for a bearded dragon.
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