Diarrhea, stinky poop, acidophilus?

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I've recently changed my dragons' diets. They had been getting pellets as opposed to live prey, and greens daily.
I'm waiting on an order of Phoenix worms, due to arrive Tuesday. I've run out of pellets, so their diet the past week has been mostly collard greens, shredded carrot, prickly pear, and butternut squash baby food with calcium and vitamin supplements, as well as a sprinkle of Carnivore Care for an extra boost. They bathe daily, or every other day at most, since they poop in the bath. Over the past several days I've noticed a few changes.
Their poop looks more like poop and less like the bright green pellets, but it's also become more watery (more so than "normal" after babyfood).

Today Striker (3yrs) just could not wait until bath time and went in her tank. I saw what looked like undigested leaves, a lot of water, and it stank!!!
I can still smell it when they go in the bath, and it's never been so strong.

She's not displaying any unusual behaviour. After she pooped, I popped her in a bath, then let her roam around while I cleaned the tank. She's active and alert, and immediately after returning to the tank, she gobbled down more greens and resumed basking like nothing happened.

I'm wondering if perhaps too much prickly pear could be causing her diarrhea, and if I should get a fecal exam due to the smell and undigested matter, or if that's just a result of the change in diet.

I'm also curious if introducing acidophilus into her diet would help, and if so, how I would go about it. I have capsules (bought for myself) that contain powder, but am unsure how much would be appropriate.

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It could be from the diet change (more moisture and more fiber) or perhaps not enough time basking or high enough temps to fully digest. Squash babyfoods was recommended to me by my previous vet for helping get poo moving.

My understanding is that the probiotics work for helping with antibiotics but not neccisarily for everyday digestion. I havnt really used it much outside antibiotic treatment myself.

Wouldn't hurt to get a fecal done.
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