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Waiting obviously isn't an issue. A hungry Beardie will always be a hungry Beardie. :lol:
Must feel so nice to get some decent sunshine, though! Hopefully the weather keeps getting warmer.


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Hello from my girl Sliptornavich and I was just wondering if you have any updates for Darwin I'm glad you got him because he did look really uncared for and I hate to see that he defiantly deserves better. Thanks


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What a cutie! I'm running out of the office ATM or I'd post more in detail(and take the time to actually read all the posts, when I get home promise lol).

Just wanted to touch on the teeth thing you were asking about a few pages back. Their front teeth are such that they can be lost and regrown if I am not mistaken. It has to do with their diet. Again, sorry, running out the door. I'll double check this and post references from home. The side teeth are fused to their jaws and are designed for cutting up plant matter.

EDIT: I can't seem to find the paper on my home computer and my internet is half out(I have no idea whats going on there), so I can't give references at the moment but it seems I remembered correctly and only their side teeth are acrodontic. The front teeth can be lost and even regrown. :)

Also, I didn't notice the livefeed earlier, I'll have to check it out once I get my internet sorted. Then I can join the ranks of you and Darwin's stalkers. mwahahaha :p


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Yeah his side teeth are fine. In great shape actually. Gums too. Such a relief after trying to help Dundee with such a ruined mouth. He's just missing his sharp front tooth which isn't a huge deal. He has no problems eating either plants or bugs.

We just got back from the vet. He still has overly watery poops. She said the pinworm level is about the same (but low, so not a big deal) but this time she saw some coccidia (again, fairly low level) so he has a prescription available for some Panacur. We're going to hold off for a little while longer. I'm going to switch his probiotic from Bene-Bac to Acidophiliz+ and remove squash and green beans from his diet for a week or two. He's been going crazy for them and they contain lots of water so I want to see if reducing his water intake a bit will help his poops solidify. He's been getting plenty of water over the last month and a half and he's still very active and has a huge appetite so I don't feel that reducing his hydration for a bit will cause any issues. I'll keep him on fresh collards and dandelion greens along with some bee pollen and probiotics and see how that goes.

Sorry about the long winded post. Just a brain dump to record my thoughts in his journal/record/thread so I can go back and check landmarks and dates as needed.

He's still doing very well. Weight is still slowly trending upward but he's still pretty lanky. Eats his salads and dubia like a champ. Very restless and loves patrolling the house. If he continues to spend so much time under his portable basking area I'll probably replace it with an MVB. Weather is warming up so maybe he'll get some real time outside soon.


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I wouldn't worry about posting so much, its always interesting to hear and does keep a nice record for later (kinda like you said). After all, this thread is entirely dedicated to him!
Honestly, I should probably start doing that more for Diablo.


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I'm glad to hear he's improving. I was never conerned about extra water in my dragons poops but then their poops are formed, so can understand your concerns and no, it won't do him any harm to get other veggies than squash for awhile. I'm just impressed with his eating habits! Three of my adults have to be hand fed, drag but there you go, I think they'd starve themselves to death if I didn't feed them. I'm hoping, once spring gets here, they'll start eating on their own again.

It's nice to have a journal of your dragon, I've been running a thread since 2010 and I love that I have previous posts about all the dragons I've loved and now lost. My new little guy Imp is really doing well, so that's a positive sign.

So pics when you have a minute. And yes, an MVB for his basking spot outside his tank will do him good. I have one on top of the ramp for them to sit under and a TV above that they can watch and they do. It's on Disney Jr and they just love the cartoons.


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I've enjoyed following Imp's progress on your thread. Bugger (Darwin) was a really good eater today. Still a lot of water with his poop but it's starting to have better form. He ate all of his salad eagerly so I rewarded him with a few silks and he hunted them down like a pro. Acidophiliz+ came in today so he got started on that. Hopefully it will help. If his poops are still off in a couple of weeks I'll start him on the Panacur.


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Also, not to self that he is more active tonight than he has been in the evenings. Appetite is up and he is on high alert so I left the UVB light on for a bit longer. He is usually pretty much passed out by now.


Oh my gosh... :eek:
The improvement in him from when you got him till now is crazy amazing and so inspiring for anyone dealing with a sick beardie. He looks like a totally different dragon.

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