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Dangling extremities?


New member
Hi all, new to the forum! Occasionally he will bask with the his chest on the edge of his basking log with both his front and hind legs sort of dangling, I've attached a picture. I just want to make sure this is a normal behavior and not indicative of early onset MBD or something!

My little guy is aprox 7 weeks old, he's currently housed in a 20 gal enclosure but I've ordered a larger one that I want to set up to model a more organic environment for him. He currently has a t8 light fixture, however after browsing the forums I've already ordered a T5 HO fixture that should be arriving tomorrow. His basking area is consistently around 110 with a gradient to 78ish on the cool side. He eats well, both crickets and phoenix worms, and willingly eats a salad that's mostly organic escarole and collard greens with shaved butternut squash, and some other occasional ingredients like strawberry, green beans, yellow bell pepper and sugar snap peas. He has regular bowel movements in his enclosure but still gets a good soak 2-3 times a week.
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