Dandelions: Well, that was interesting...

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ZᴀRDᴏZ is a challenge--to say the least--when it comes to greens/vegetables.
He hasn't eaten in 6 days--trying to starve him off his superworm habit. Dubias & salad are present, but he ignores both.

So today, the weather was right; the yard is speckled with dandelion blossoms (too early for greens yet). I ventured out, and picked a variety of fresh yellow blossoms--large & small--and returned to try them out on his nibs.

I can categorically say there's nothing wrong with his feeding response. I wiggled a small blossom at him, held gingerly in my fingers. He spied it, followed it, and lunged--tongue leading. It went like this:

Chomp, chomp... strange look in his eye... Ptui! :puke: Spit the flower 4" across the top of his basking platform, leaving a trail of individual delicate dandelion petals. I've seen him spit things out before; it's usually like, "Bleah, that tastes awful," :bleick: and it drops from his mouth directly downward. This is the first time (that I can recall) he put some projection behind it.

I don't get him. Those dandelion flowers tasted just fine to me. :silent:

Dragonz iz weeerd.


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Haha I can just imagine him spitting it out! I've never seen a dragon actually launch something like that. I always just get the look of disgust and the head turning away. I wish I could get one of my dragons to turn into a catapult lol.

At least he was eager to try it, that's something huh?



My two beardies will only eat veggies outside in the garden. Same plants in their enclosure, no dice. Our male, Azazel, likes to be hand fed mealworms. I once cut a piece of red bell pepper the size of a mealworm and offered it to him. He took it in his mouth and then paused, turned and looked at me, and then spit it out. Good luck with your veggie trials.


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What a character! :lol:
Mario loves his dandelion flower. My younger two kids have enjoyed "harvesting" them over the past week or so, especially since it's a nice way for them to be involved in their sister's pet.

Z. sure seems to have an attitude, and he is surely living up to the "demon" side of his description! :mrgreen:



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MariosDad":2lr1ywwg said:
Z. sure seems to have an attitude, and he is surely living up to the "demon" side of his description!
Let me put it this way... If he were one of the "lizard people" of conspiracy-theory fame, I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley—or anyplace else for that matter. :twisted:

The only time he's "cute" is when he's asleep. And if you "think" that, he'll wake up and give you the evil stinkeye.


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I thought it was going to be the opposite response because my boy Buddy LOVES dandelion and will eat a near handful of them. He loves his greens as well but my other boy Tigger not in to any veggies much. Tigger likes mulberry leaves though as well as green clover from the yard.


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Been trying dandelions & greens daily. All he'll do is strew them around the enclosure looking for superworms in the bottom. I'm done with those. BT-DT.

Tried some thawed out frozen veggies (I try them every few weeks). After starving the little monster for almost 2 weeks, he's tried a few of the veggies (except the lima beans. Can't blame him--I don't like 'em either). Grocery finally got some turnip greens in (after months). He's getting them every morning, but I can't say he's eating any.

He ate some dubias! YAY! I Win! But his eating patterns are changing significantly. I thought this would come later (I was hoping he'd get a little bigger) but we'll keep trying. As long as I can keep getting some kind of food in him.
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