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Hello, I was just hoping to get some help on what might be wrong with my bearded dragons scales. My bearded dragon Cheeto has always not been great at shedding even with repti-shed and weekly baths. He is almost two years old now and I have noticed some of his scales get stuck pretty frequently. He’s a leatherback beardie so his scales are pretty small. I just noticed on his tail a scale that look almost shriveled up. His tail hasn’t shed in probably about 8 or 9 months but the rest of his body finished shedding a little over a month ago. There appears to be some kind of crust at the place where his recently shedded scales and old scales meet at his tail as well. As far as behavior goes, he has recently shown less interest in his veggies, refuses to eat his collard greens or turnip greens but loves green beans and any kind of squash. He has also been fairly lethargic and wants to hide more than usual. If anyone could give me their opinion on if the scales should be a cause for concern I would be very grateful!

Btw his tail has always been on darker than his body so I’m not worried about that.


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