Daedalus and Starling - RIP Sartharion :(

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Hey everyone, since my old thread got locked (over a year since my last post!) I guess I better start a new one. It's been a hectic year and I just haven't had the drive to post any updates.

But as you can see we lost Sartharion, just a month ago :( He was just 6.5 years old, and I have no idea what happened. He was active, eating, pooping, basking, all the things a healthy dragon does. He munched some collard greens out of my hand that morning, and when I came back from work he was just laying there dead in the middle of his tank :cry: I had him cremated but decided not to do the necropsy. My vet is so wonderful and did an amazing cast of his four little paws. He's up on the mantle now with Scully and our dog Guinness. I miss him so much, he was my first baby.

Sigh, but anyway, the two girls are still doing fine. Daedalus had an abscess on her side that we got surgically removed a few months ago and she recovered well from that. She laid clutch #1 of the summer last month and basically didn't slow down at all and has been digging again the last few days despite the fact we can't feel any eggs in her. She went off her food as of this morning which has happened before but is so unusual for her, even when in full egg laying mode. So I'm going to pick up some super worms tonight and have horn worms on order. She hardly had time to recover any weight back from her first clutch so I'm a bit concerned. She is older (7 or 8?) so I'm worried she can't handle these clutches like she used to. I had to bring her camping with us this weekend because I couldn't leave her in her tank with no sand the way she was acting. Luckily the weather was good and she got a lot of natural sunlight basking. She's also in Sarth's old tank now, the bigger size is working out well for her.

Starling is good also, she'll be 3 on Sept 25th. No eggs from her, she managed to go this entire time without seeing Sartharion once, fortunately. She seems pretty healthy overall and still has her own IDGAF personality :lol: She's more independent than Scully was but is still very sweet. I've only seen one black beard from her this entire time owning her. She's pretty passive when it comes to being out with Daedalus - Daedles bosses her around all over the place and Starling just lets her, which I guess I prefer to constant fighting, heh. She's still my camp and bar lizard during nice days, she's quite beautiful so she gets lots of compliments :)

Anyway, besides the dragons - kitties are still good and still get along great with the lizards. Nate and I are doing great. I think my last post I was still losing weight - I finished that back in November and ended with 70lbs total lost :) Over the months since then I've reversed dieted and put ~15lbs of muscle back on and picked up powerlifting - my first meet should be in September or October :)

When Scully died I barely made it a few weeks before I felt like I needed another baby to replace her (inc Starling). But it's a little different this time and I am just going to stick with my two girls now. Hopefully Daedles lasts another few years at least. I still want a tegu but compromised with Nate and we're going to wait until we're not renting anymore until I get one, so possibly a few years until that.

I'll upload a few recent pics, I'll have to come back and edit and add them from my mobile since work blocks photobucket :) I hope everyone else is doing well!

Edit for pics:
On our way camping on Friday


Daedles in the carrier

Starling waiting for crickets to appear

Fun in the sun!

Me and Mulder. I was getting ready to leave for a NYE party, it was his 2nd bday.

From our dive trip to Cozumel this January, me loving on Rocky the iguana.


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Welcome back! I'm sad to hear about Sartharion. Sounds like something sudden like a stroke perhaps. He had a good life and it doesn't sound like he suffered. I'm glad to hear the rest of your crew is doing well. I look forward to hearing more stories about their camping adventures.
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