Cyclura/Green Iguana experiences?

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I am a herp nut, and right now I own three beardies, and a juvenile snapper. I've lost two previous beardies due to lack of proper care at a pet store, and when I was younger (still only 20, but still) I owned an iguana. Well, my stepmother ended up frying him by leaving him outside in a glass tank for hours.

Now I am in Afghanistan for a fun filled deployment, which is providing some funds for when I get back home. I'm going to get my own place, and when I do, I plan on getting another 'little' friend.

So, I will get another iguana. I have the ultimate owners manual, as well as Melissa Kaplan's book on the way so I can do even more research as I wait to head back stateside.


What I'd like to know is that from you owners out there, what experiences do you have with your monster?
Do you have an Iguana iguana, or one of the various Cycluras?

Right now I am considering the Cyclura nubila lewisi/Cuban Rock Grand Cayman hybrid.

Is there any noticeable differences in temperaments between the green, Cuban Rock, or Rhino iguanas? Really, are there many or any significant differences that I should be aware of? I realize that the Green iguana is more arboreal than the Cycluras and as such would need more climbing opportunities.

Any nifty pictures that you can share?

Other than that, any insight is greatly appreciated. I've been looking online for as much information as possible, but still there is always room to know more.

Thank you as always.


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I don't have a lot of experience with Cyclura, however I do have 2 green iguanas. One is 10 years old, the other is 7, and both we have had since a hatchling. I love them. They do require a large amount of handling and time. They do require a lot of vertical space and get into a lot of trouble when roaming the house. I will post some pics of them and habitats for ideas. It is best to build your own habitat, we did. (it doesn't look that tall next to my husband, but he is 6'9'', so the habitat is pretty tall.

Her branches are made of PVC wrapped in carpet.

This is monster, she is the 10 year old female.


This is Brain's habitat, he is a 7 year old male. The background is painted now, I don't have a picture of that.

and here he is with all his handsomeness


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Well I see your husband is a bit on the tall side. I plan on building my own cage when I decide to prepare for getting an Ig.

So do you have any interesting experiences with those two large poopers?

I've been considering a green iguana due to less longetivity. I love all my pets, but 50-60 potential years of a Cyclura, I'd better make sure that I can manage a 5-6 foot iguana for that long. 12-15 years is an experience, and if it proves too difficult, then I can at least give the herp that much.

Either way, I love everything I'm finding out about these guys. Though I plan on having a female (I've just gotten along better with almost every female pet I've had than the males.)

Thanks for the beautiful pictures.
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