Cutest story I've ever heard about a beardie!

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So, one of my friends told me that when she went to a family party, one of her nephews who was about 8 years old was really into Eragon and found a rock that looked like an egg. He decided right away that it was a dragon egg and so he took it inside, wrapped it in a blanket and sat on it to keep it warm. He would sit on it each day to take care of it (this went on for a couple of days or so). My friend's older sister (who has a big bearded dragon herself) went and bought a rock with crystals inside. Her and her husband cracked open the rock and put it into a 20 gallon enclosure with a heating lamp and everything. Then they added a small baby beardie and told her nephew that the dragon egg hatched! Now he believes he hatched a dragon!


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That's adorable! ^.^ what a sweet, memorable way for a kid to get a pet. :)
Hope he loves it and takes great care of it. :)

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:love5: That story was so endearing that it brought tears to my eyes.
Thank you so much for a wondering Thanksgiving story.


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I'm so glad you guys enjoyed it as much as I did =) The beardie shall be very well cared for. My friend's older sister would make sure of that since she loves hers so much. :blob8:


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I shall have to see if I can get some =) I shall try, I know that while he is a baby it is only a 20 gallon. =)


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This story made me cry! How precious to love a child so much and make their dreams come true. I hope that he and his newly hatched baby dragon have a long beautiful friendship! Thank you for sharing such a sweet story!
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