Curious about genetics, any help appreciated please


I’ve been looking for a visual zero for a while, but tend to stick to reptile shops so I know I’m getting what I’m looking for as I’m still learning and don’t want to make a mistake.

However I’ve seen one on a local selling site, they said it’s a visual zero. So I asked about the pairing and he said it was a het wero x het wero. And said it’s a visual zero with these genetics: het zero het wit het hypo het trans.

Does this sound right for a visual zero- I don’t want to travel hours and find out I’ve got it wrong. Any help would be much appreciated

Claudiusx Sicko
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I've never heard of anyone claiming to have het weros.... unless they have a het wit/het zero and are just stating it is a het wero.. but that is extremely misleading on the breeders part. Plus, I'm not sure how you'd even be able to prove out a dragon being het wero. Red flags.

Even so, there is too much backwards genetics happening there. If you are going to buy a zero, buy it from a het zero x het zero pairing.

When buying a relatively new morph such as a zero, you are best off sticking to known and trusted breeders. You won't find that in any local reptile stores most likely.

Visual zero's are easy to spot. There won't be a question on whether you are buying a zero or not.

Can you post the link to the post of the dragon you are looking at? I'm curious to see what the breeder is considering a het wero..


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