Crocs is hyperactive.

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Hello All

I hope someone can shed some light on the following. Up until now my Beardie Crocs has been a well behaved girl. Today she was impossible. Super hyperactive and demanding. The day started out with an early morning poop which seems quite normal. From then on she never stopped running about all over the house and outside. She didn't eat anything today either. She is healthy looking and the only things I can think of that could be responsible for her behaviour is that she is shedding, but only three small areas being her left arm and a small area on the side next to her right leg. There is an area at the base of her tail that has also discoloured and will soon also shed. Is this normal that only certain areas shed and not the whole body.
The other thing is that 2 days ago I gave her 3 small slivers of raw beetroot to eat. She ate them without any trouble.
She also had two sessions of head bobbing at me which I returned.
She normally has a sleep from about 1130 to 1.00 pm but not today either.
I hope she will be more restfull tomorrow so I can have some rest.
Thanks for the read and all advice would be appreciated.


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It sounds like she's just going through a hyperactive phase. That happens now and then. It isn't something to be concerned with, but there isn't much to do except give her space to run around and burn off some energy. It's usually just a short phase so she should return to normal after a while.


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Thanks for the reply. She had a better day yesterday and was quite calm with a few active events. She has enough space to burn off all the energy as I have a big house and she can run around as she likes. We also spend about 3 to 5 hours outdoors where she gets a lot of raw sunlight. She can basically run to her hearts content with me in tow of course.
Eating has almost ceased again with her giving the crickets and the superworms just a stink eye. I then feed her her veggies by hand. Her poop which was regular every day has also stopped as I don't think there is much in the tummy.
She is still very demanding for attention but that's the pleasure of owning a beardie.

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