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Hello, I’ve posted a few times on here I have a sick beardie, but his appointment is coming up so let’s hope it goes well, anyways I was wondering if anyone could help me critique and improve my set up, I’m a new reptile owner and I’ve done a lot of research, but I feel like I need experienced advice. So I have pictures of my night heat source and my uvb bulb, because I figure as long as I get the temp right for his day basking it’s fine I don’t need to show unless someone wants me to. I use a temp gun of everything and he always has a spot he can get to at 100-110 and then he can move to a perfect spot.


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The coil bulb in the 3rd photo need to be changed out to a T5 high out long tube. I just purchased mines from chewy and can send you the information if you want it. That looks like a 40g tank so you should only need a 24” length. The ceramic heat emitter is fine but your missing. Personally I would also add the zoo med digital probe thermometer/hygrometer to each side of the tank. I can give you the link for that as well.
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The coil bulb in the 3rd photo need to be changed out. Me personally, right now I’m using the Exo terra intense heat bulb. The ceramic heat emitter is fine but your missing a uvb bulb.
The 3rd photo is the uvb bulb, he has a basking bulb with uva (not shown) the bulb in that photo is only uvb.

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