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Hello everyone i have a question i am not sure about i been feeding pinhead crickets to my baby dragons since i bought them. Could i step it up a size to medium. The crickets are a bit bigger then the space between there eyes but on the right track. Also would medium crickets have a hard shell like mealworms? My dragons gotten twice the size there were when i got them so i thought bigger crickets would have more protein and more to offer to my babies. Look forward to replys thanks


It depends what you mean by "a bit bigger then the space between there eyes." I don't know exactly what a medium-sized cricket measures, but personally I wouldn't allow a baby dragon to eat any feeder that is bigger than the space between his eyes. They may digest medium-sized crickets with no problems at all, but it still poses a risk for their little bodies. Crickets don't have a shell like mealworms, so you have to consider the size and whether or not there's a chance your baby will choke on it or become impacted. As they grow older, it will become safer and safer to break that "golden rule" and feed them something that is slightly bigger than the space between their eyes.

In times where I didn't feel safe "upgrading" to the next size feeder, I'd always just offer more of the smaller sizes.


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They are about five times bigger then pinheads with the wings on there back that makes the cricket noise. I just thought of upgrading the size cause the small pinheads are so tiny for them and thinking they ain't seeing them as good as they did last month. My two babys are just not interested in them anymore but more interested in the greens turnip. So that kinda sounds funny but just mention what i see and how they interact with different things.
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