Crested Gecko Advice? Please Help!

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So I recently got a crested gecko at a reptile expo. I have read up on their care but have never owned one before. Ever since bringing him home he just sits in the same spot in his bib and never moves. I’ve changed his food twice and I don’t think he’s touched any. He is a 4 year old 50 grams adult male. He still has his tail and is current if living in a 12x12x18 bib. The breeder I got him from says that he recommends no lighting because it can stress him out so my crestie doesn’t have any. Any advice on how to get him to eat and stay healthy would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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How long have you had him? If it’s only been a few days he may still be adjusting. I’d have him setup the way the breeder did, same food etc and give him time to adjust.

In the long term I do not agree with your breeder regarding lights. Creasties will benefit from a light cycle and will bask under UVB and heat lamps. You want them gentle of course but it’s healthier for them. Not sure about size but creative keepers I know go for plenty of live foliage for cover, gentle heat+light+uvb and ocassionly feeding insects along with meal powders.

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I believe a popular option is a compact 5.0 UVB lamp outside the screen (they don’t give much heat, but you don’t want the warmest spot much over 80F anyway) paired with a heatmat on thermostat on the wall of the enclosure.

Using plenty of foliage let’s the gecko decide how exposed to the light they want to be.


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Okay thanks!
He still hasn’t eaten much if any and I’ve had him for a week. Should I be worried or is that normal?
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Clapton is acclimating okay I think. He's quick as lightning so I'm not sure how much I should bring him out of his house yet. He's not at all interested in his salad though. I wonder if I should change what I'm giving him. Least he's eating his crickets.

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