Crabapple trees (genus Malus)

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I'm new to the forums, but I was unable to find any information on this topic using the search function. We have two beardies and are wondering if we can feed them any part of the tree in our yard. Right now it is flowering, and our reptikids loooooove to eat bright colours. I'm not sure about the subspecies, but it is definitely a tree from the genus Malus (crabapple). We have a very laissez-faire approach to groundskeeping so chemical fertilizers or pesticides are not an issue. We get a LOT of dandelions and they go nuts for them :)

The fruit is not very tasty to humans and I wouldn't feed it to the beardies either. I'm mostly curious about the leaves and flowers; the few sources I could find online conflicted with regard to the safety of Malus trees for beardies.

Thanks for any information!
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