Could I use a heating pad for breeding Dubias?

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I have done my research on breeding insects and other aspects of feeder care as well as my research on beardie care so I am prepared to breed insects at least in terms of the research.

I plan to breed my insects once I get them including dubia roaches but I found that for breeding, they need to be at an ambient temperature between 90 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit or 32-35 degrees Celsius. I do have a heating pad that reaches those temperatures but I think at the setting where it reaches 35 degrees Celsius, it drops to 30 degrees Celsius, possibly even a bit lower than that and I know that when it doesn't go below 32 degrees Celsius, it gets above 35 degrees Celsius at its peak. Not sure how long each degree increment is and thus the frequency of the temperature fluctuation, I will have to find that out when I use the heating pad again. All I know is that the increments are equal in length. The heating pad is designed to be big enough to go around a person's body but I can make sure that there is indeed a temperature gradient and that the heating pad has enough support to not fall off the container

Then of course there is the gradual warming once the heating pad is turned on and gradual cooling once it is turned off. So could I use this as a breeding heat source for dubia roaches? Unfortunately, this is an electric heating pad with no batteries so I can't use this during a power outage. The most I would get is a gradual decrease in temperature from the heating pad during a power outage. It does have different time settings, I think it is 1 hour, 3 hours, and I forget what the third one is.

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Dubias thrive in warmer temps but they get by and can breed in lower temps too. I've seen them do well with and without a heat source. If you do use the heating pad I would either put it on a thermostat to keep it from overheating during malfunction or at least set the bin on a rack or in a way that air can flow under the tank and heat pad to keep the temps in check.

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Yep. I tested this out a few ways. I've let my colony in the basement go without a heat lamp during the summer and they were fine (they clearly prefer having the heat lamp on though as they gather around it). I've also split my colony at one point to test a tank vs a plastic bin with mesh top and no heat/light. I kept that upstairs at normal room temperature (low 70s) all summer and they thrived. There are certainly optimal conditions for them (high heat and humidity) but it's not necessary to provide that to have a successful colony. They're pretty tough and adaptive.
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