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Corn Snake Escaped, HELP!

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Help! Snake escaped last night! She is a 14 inch corn snake. She ate on tuesday, so not log ago. If I had her still she would be eating on Sunday, but she's gone :banghead: I have placed flour along the door entrances today and placed a pinky in my room that has been gutted, and one in my sisters room next to my room. Im going to set up a heat pad with a hide and check on it every hour or so tomorrow night. :| Any ideas on how I can recover her :?: Ive also done some looking in my closet, room, under my bead and so on. I will do a more in-depth search tomorrow, I will keep you guys updated! Any suggestions would be helpful, thanks! :blob5:


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I found her! Her name is Ares :D my mom literally just found her 5 minutes ago! Im so exited I'm shaking :lol: After tearing the house apart looking everywhere I decided to go skateboard out side and heard my mom yelling! It came out of the vacuum!!!! :shock: Will post some pictures of feeding day tomorrow!


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Next time this happens, turn your ac up and use your basking lights (or just some lamps with household bulbs if you have to) to creae 1 warm spot in your house. Snakes will always come to the warmest part. So if it happens again, grab all your blankets and hoodies and sweatpants you can and bundle up and turn your thermostat to about 64, your snake will be in the one warm spot you set up within about 2 days probably!

Also, if it gets out, always check around/under your dishwasher and fridge first. These both put off a lot of heat (fridge puts it off continuously) these are common places to find escapees

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