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Some background. When we first got Sunny, she had paper towels as her substrate and loved to rip them up (dig) in her hide. As she grew she stopped both digging and using her hide almost entirely, preferring to sleep on top or on her hammock. Recently, I purchased a new substrate for her - I didn't think it was fair to keep her on paper towels forever. Considering how much she'd liked to dig, and how natural the behavior is, I settled on a loose substrate (ZooMed ReptiChips) and put it in on 06/18/2022. After spending the first day getting used to it, Sunny went absolutely crazy, digging in both her hides she hadn't touched in a long time. Fast forward to the past week, she's digging everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Random holes all over her tank, underneath her bridge, next to her hides, in her hides - she's going crazy. She does it all day, too, except for when she stops to bask on her hammock. Before this, she would be constantly running around her tank and climbing everything she could (including the walls). Now, she does both. I've read everywhere that glass surfing, relentless digging, etc are all due to something wrong in her tank, but to my knowledge, my husbandry is completely fine. She loves to be taken out to explore, but every time I do on my computer (next to her tank), she'll just run back to her tank and surf until I let her in, so she's clearly enjoying it in there. It basically boils down to me wanting to make sure she's okay. It seems like she's just got endless energy and is having the time of her life, but I want to make sure it's nothing worse.

Pooping is normal. She's fussy with her food but that's always been the case since she's spoilt. :rolleyes: Considered that maybe she's gravid, but can't feel anything (and she's been restless for a long, long time without the digging anyway). Temps are ~95-100, ~80-85, ~75 (using a temp gun). Enclosure is 48"W x 24"D x 24"H. She has a Zoo Med ReptiSun 10.0 mounted inside her tank. Is she just enjoying her new activity and expelling energy?


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I’ve got one last question since nothing seems completely clear about it, how soon could she lay more eggs? Is it safe to remove her lay box now? I’ve seen some posts saying 2-3 clutches a year during “the season” but I’m not completely sure when the season starts and ends or if that’s just for fertile eggs. I’m assuming I can just remove the box and she’ll eventually just show the signs again if she’s going to lay again?
Ahbd would be better at answering that question

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She may or may not lay more clutches, it can be anywhere from 2-3 more but can be up to 6, sometimes 7-8 but with unmated dragons it's usually not that high. Most dragons will lay within 3-4 weeks of the previous clutch and they usually exhibit the same behavior, going off food, digging and getting restless.

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