Concerns about my Beardies Feces


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So for a little bit now my beardies poop has been runny and different consistencies. I have changed her diet a couple times to help her, and right now I have her eating cabbage and about 6-8 dusted crickets every now and then. I can try and get a photo of what it loood like right now. Today I bathed her and the poop wasn't runny, it was just a tad bit greenish and not a big urate. Please message me to know what is going on! It would be much appreciated.


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Her poop today. She is 1 year old btw

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Her poop today. She is 1 year old btw
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Ok please NO more cabbage --- here is a website for nutrition Nutrition Content ignore the kale thing its a great staple feeder --- diet basking temps and good UVB all play a role in the dragons behavior and health --- please go over the basking temps they should be 95-100 taken w/ a digital probe thermometer - NO stick ons they are inaccurate and those temps need to be surface temps not ambient - UVB NO coils please - long tube fixture 24" No Zillas or Thrive brand please Zoo Med -- Arcadia Pro T 5 w/ a 12% bulb or a Sunblaster Nano Tech are all good UVB's ---

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There is something wrong with my beardies left eye!! I included a picture where it shows what her right eye looks like then the others are what her left eye is. She always has it closed (as much as she can) and she finally opened it for a bit when i misted her. I don’t know what i could be doing wrong and it’s not from sand because she doesn’t have it in her cage.
This is a message for all Bearded Dragon owners: do NOT feed your Dragon pellets! Feeding your Dragon pellets can cause SICKNESS and GREAT HARM! So please, do NOT feed your Dragon pellets!

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