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Concerning spots on 9 year old beardie


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My 9 year old beardie got these odd and very concerning spots all over his body.

They look dark almost greenish/blackish and It like all over his body.

Any idea what it is? Can I help my boy?


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BD.org Sicko
Hi, some dragons develop spots sort of like freckles but they can also develop melanoma. A biopsy will reveal if it is so schedule a visit with a qualified vet. I hope it's just harmless blemishes though , please update if + when you find out !


BD.org Sicko
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I agree, most of the time, pigmentation spots/freckles are completely harmless. As AHBD suggested, they can develop
skin cancer or tumors, etc so for now, just keep an eye on any suspicious areas to be sure they don't change.
Keep us posted on him.

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