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Concerned after Laying Infertile Eggs

Hi Everyone! So our 2.5 yr old beardie turned out to be a female (even after we had her sexed at a reptile zoo!UgH!) This girl loves to keep us on our toes!! For 2 weeks she's been restless; glass surfing and completely trashing her tank - I figured spring fever? Last week she started scratching and digging. I was suspicious and was going to put a lay box together Sunday, but that didn't work on her timeline, because on Saturday night, she laid 36 eggs in her tank! She didn't seem bothered or stressed by it. I've been reading all the after care tips and gave her a bath the next day. She's only eaten a few wax worms with some extra calcium sprinkled on since then. She's not interested in any other kind of feeders, greens or fruit! Yesterday she spent the day hiding under her log, so I left her be. Today I coaxed her out for some water that I stirred some calcium powder into. She drank quite a bit from her bowl. But I noticed she's not able to get her belly off the ground while walking. Her arms and legs are moving well, but she's dragging herself almost! Is this a warning sign of something or is she just recovering? Tired? She's never shown any signs of calcium issues or mbd. Her colour is good, fat stores good, her belly doesnt' look/feel like any more eggs left. She's gotten herself back up on to her log for basking today. I'm off to buy every variety of feeder to try and some babyfood squash to get something into her. Beside this, water and extra calcium is that all I can do? Anyone have any other advice? Suggestion? TIA


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AHBD":3s9qfg89 said:
Hi there, can you post some pics of her and her tank ? Here's how :

https://www.beardeddragon.org/useruploads/ Then use the XIMG to upload

Beardies can be a little sluggish after laying but it shouldn't last too long unless she's developing a problem.

Here are some pics:

She was shedding before all this excitement. I just cleaned out her tank and left her hide and food bowl so it's pretty bare right now. I've been moving her salad around to be near her. (UVB is Reptisun 10.0 T5, replaced a month ago. I don't use that stick on thermomether but have a temp gun)


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She looks good + alert. After she's rehydrated she should get her appetite back, should be pretty soon.
If she continues to walk strangely get a video of it but I think she'll be fine.


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I just wanted to post an update in case it helps anyone else. Everything is back to normal now! It's been a couple weeks of regaining strength and appetite. It didn't happen right away. Lots of coaxing for sips of water and eating at first. No interest for a while. Slowly, she started exploring more but she wasn't as "agile" - hard time catching crickets, slow moving, staying in one spot to eat (not chasing any feeders), just staying where she walked to, then slowly getting back up to basking spot. So in our experience, more than two weeks to get back to being active and appetite in full force.
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