Concerned about why my bearded dragon has his head up most of the time


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So My bearded dragon. Who I think is around 5 months old(I’m not sure but he’s not over a year old)
Ever since day 1 has always had his head up.
I’m just concerned and want to make sure if it’s normal behavior or something else without paying a pricey vet bill only to be told he’s fine.

He’s been eating regularly and drinking fine.
His poops are normal.
I’ve fed him different things, like fruits and greens. To which he eats.

His tank is a 40 gallon tank as of right now (once he gets bigger I plan to buy him something bigger if I can find something)

I have 100 watt basking bulb
23-watt 10.0 UBV bulb
A night bulb (the red one)
Carpet substrate.

I’ll be glad to answer any other questions.
And like I said he’s been doing this since I got him. I just assumed it was cause he felt unsafe at first.

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What do you mean by head up? He should be holding his head up. Can you post a picture of the behavior you are seeing?



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Canyon and Big Boy
What do you mean by head up? He should be holding his head up. Can you post a picture of the behavior you are seeing?


He stands like this a lot.


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Please get rid of the red light. You need a bright clear basking light and if you need extra heat at night please use a ceramic heat emitter, they dont produce any light, just heat. Beardies need it as dark a possible when they sleep. They don't want a light in their eyes any more than we do when we sleep.

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