Concerned about Ragsy's eyesight/eating ability/enough exercise

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Hello all! I just joined. I read some older posts about eyesight but I am looking to see if anyone has any new information. My bearded dragon is between 6 and 7 years old. I adopted him when he was an adult but the person I adopted him from didn't know how old he was. He's usually very motivated by moving food - mealworms especially. He seems to miss crickets though. Now he doesn't react to the movement. He also doesn't eat anything I have placed in there. He will eat Zilla Fortified Food dry - he likes crunching it. He will eat moistened Zilla Reptile Munchies Omnivore Mix. He brumated for 6 weeks this past fall. Since then, he doesn't seem to notice his food. He finally had a bowel movement 2 weeks after his sleep ended and he ate a little then.

But since then he will go to food and open his mouth above it and stick his tongue out and miss the food. I have tried putting the food up to his nose but it doesn't work. He is good with water. I just put him under the faucet and and he gulps it down after it hits his nose and rolls down. When he does go for his food, he seems mostly to be drinking the extra water from when it was moistened. He is still active and can climb and hold himself up. I am taking him to his vet Friday but I wondered if any of you have any suggestions? I did change his lighting a few months back because the red bulbs kept exploding. On March 21, 2021, I bought a

REPTI ZOO Dual Reptile Light Fixture for Reptile Dome UVB Light Fixture Dual Lamp Cap Combo Integration Design Heat Lighting Lamp Kit and the bulbs that went with it.

I have also been taking him for "walks" by carrying him in his carrier case with its plastic walls. He likes this and scrabbles around looking at things. He wants to explore but of course I don't let him out because I am afraid he will eat pesticides or other things poisonous to him. I let him walk in my apartment. He likes scrambling all over and he often tries to climb my walls. He usually ends up finding a quiet place and going to sleep. I also worry he is not stimulated enough and is not getting enough exercise that bearded dragons like - climbing and stuff like that. What I really want to buy is one of those deluxe bearded dragon tanks, like here: Bearded Dragon Habitats & Large Enclosures

Does anyone have any suggestions? I worry about him a lot. Usually he's fine but I thought I would post.

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It's possible he is having some trouble with his eyesight. Improving his lighting may help with that. I can provide some good options that may be helpful. It's good that you replaced the red bulb. Best to use a bright white bulb for basking. It can be a reptile branded one but I like using incandescent or halogen flood lights from the hardware store. They are a bit cheaper and work well. For UVB I like using an Arcadia T5 12% at about 12'' above the main basking area. These are nice and bright, produce great UVB output that lasts for a long time (a year+ before needing bulb replacement) and the tube style provides a much wider spread of UVB than the compact or coil bulbs which allows them to bask more evenly.

It's a good sign that he is alert and acting curious. I would encourage him to roam around your apartment and have time in a window sill etc if it's safe for him to do so. I let my dragon roam freely most of the time and just have portable basking spots set up for him around the house. There are no other animals to interfere and he likes the freedom.

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