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Welcome to Devlyn Town everyone! We're a welcoming place.

Devlyn joined our household on February 9th, 2019 at 6 months old. I don't know her birthday, and she wouldn't tell me, so my best guess is August 1st, 2018.
Devlyn was bought from a pet shop that went out of business. Came from an unnamed wholesale vender. The original owner did a lot to take care of Devlyn. A baby dragon who had parasites and a respiratory infection from the pet store. There were some hiccups with coil UVB bulbs but that was corrected after a vet visit in October 2018 to UVB fluorescent tubing and proper heat control and a bigger enclosure. The original owner sold Devlyn to me because Devlyn is a very picky eater (aka non-eater)(and as of 2/09/2020 Devlyn still can be a picky eater, she needs a lot of care to eat well) and the lady's life was very busy with other pets, kids, and a failed marriage. Devlyn went from whatever shadey pet place she was born, to a cheap pet store, to a loving first owner who only gave her up so Devlyn could get more attention and care and the cost of her ongoing care. My husband and I have given her a good home now! This is Devlyn town, she is the mayor, we do her bidding.
See pic above for her enclosure she has had since late 2018. About 45" by 17" by 19.2". New bulbs added after the move FYI. Devlyn likes color so I am currently going insane by creating more furniture, buying decorations and making decorative elements for her. Stay tuned for more episodes of Devlyn town!

Update 1/10/2021
Awoken from brumation#2. 119 days.


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Bad news Quetzal had stomach cancer. Very bad. He passed because I decided to end his pain. I didn't post anything when I made the decision. He had crashed and seemed to pop up and recover, and I promised if he crashed again I would end his pain. So that happened. I'm very heartbroken over it. Beardies are such beautiful sweet creatures. Even if he wasn't in my life for long he left a mark to last forever


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Anyway. I will immediately do a 180° subject change!

Time for some vertigo :cool: (because I have to cope somehow)

Devlyn pooped 71 times in 2022

She was awake for 282 days, 83 days of 2022 she spent in brumation, and it was a normal 365 day year

Devlyn spent 5 days on QD topical betadine baths and BID silver sulfadiazine due to a left rear foot injury (loose staple broke the skin) then later she spent 14 days on oral medications for infection of bacterial gastroenteritis (flagyl x 5 days and baytril x 14 days)

I made a little graph if it uploaded correctly for how often Devlyn ate on the 184 days she ate food. Of course this graph doesn't show my notes like 1 bite of banana or ate all her greens. I didn't offer food only a few times when she hadn't pooped in awhile

I want to make this up in a PowerPoint or video or something. I always hated doing that in school and now I want to do such a thing! Lol, maybe I should contact one of my teachers and ask them to make me a rubric so I have a path to follow


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So Devlyn ate 64.4% of the time when awake

But if I change the numbers to include days she slept. She ate food on only 46% of the days in 2022. Slightly less than half the total days. Crazy! Devlyn doesn't like to eat but she looks so fat in all her pictures :LOL:

I'll have to do a count where I pie chart the days she ate in an overlap of just bugs, greens/fruit and bugs, or just greens/fruit. I think combining greens/fruit will make for a neater easy to read pie chart

I also have to add up the total for many times she ate her supplements. Devlyn is a special case with calcium because she gets hypercalcemia easy. My goodness I might get hate if I share how many times she got calcium ... promise to not hate me please


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:oops: I'm gonna get questions I feel it ...

In 2022 I added the number of times Devlyn ate her supplements. I offered her supplements more, but she often refuses to eat food with supplements on top, mixed in, or other tricks I try to pull on her.

Calcium (plain)25 days
Calcium with D37 days
Multivitamin 17 days
Bee pollen 🐝10 days
Probiotic powder 19 days

So out of the 184 days Devlyn ate food, if she had eaten Calcium three times a week the number would be 79 days. If she had eaten Calcium twice per week the number would be 52.5 days. If she had eaten Calcium once per week that number would be 26 days.

Between calcium and calcium with D3 the total days was 32 where she ate her calcium. Well dang Devlyn. Good thing you are the rare case. If you are reading this Devlyn has had/continues to be monitored for hypercalcemia. I offer her calcium only twice per week instead of the usual three. This schedule and getting her regular blood chemistries has worked well to keep her blood level calcium on a normal level.

I also rarely give calcium with D3. I only give the calcium with D3 a few times before brumating and if she is sick, so when she had antibiotics I gave her calcium with D3.


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Reposting the bug, greens, and fruit list to be prettier.

167 total insects! Of ourse sometimes it was a small dubia roach and other times a subadult. So the numbers don't wholly reflect what she did. Just know if there could be a size difference offered a size difference.

List of total bugs eaten in 2022
34 hornworms
19 superworms
46 dubia roaches
3 mealworms
6 wax worms

Other protein in 2022
5 bites of cooked chicken egg
1 pinky mouse

DaysLeafy green/vegetable
40baby arugula
10arugula microgreens
21arugula sprouts
3pea shoots
20collard greens
13oak salad mix
33red bell pepper
17orange bell pepper
5yellow bell pepper
1purple bell pepper
7red dandelion greens
2normal dandelion flower
6cilantro leaves
10Johnny jump ups
1morel mushroom bite
6butternut squash
1wheat grass
2baby cucumber
1balloon flower leaf
2baby kale
1baby spinach
1acorn squash
2mustard greens

Total amount of fruitFruit 🍌🍓 🫐
5 bitesbanana 🍌
2 bitesstrawberry 🍓
27 whole fruitsblueberry 🫐

Devlyn finally figured out blueberries are good after not even trying them for years. Apparently I took that as an excuse to get all the blueberries


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Zen , Ruby ,Snicker Doodles, Sweet Pea, Sinatra
No questions here, just sincere condolences and prayers


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Finally handling Devlyn. I don't like disturbing her when she first wakes up. Checked her weight, 438 grams. She ate a lot of bell pepper today so she is very much due to poop

Her last poop was October something

She had some weird scales by her vent. Not worried, just different. Almost every brumation Devlyn wakes up then gets a problem on her scales. I've given her different things to brumate with. This year she choose cork bark round. Tomorrow I can give her a bath (it's her bedtime now) to hopefully wash off the weird scales



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Work distracting me, I didn't post on 2/9 that it was Devlyn's 4 year gotcha day anniversary. I got her at 6 months old. So she's 4.5 years old now. Yay Devlyn!


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