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Devlyn joined our household on February 9th, 2019 at 6 months old. I don't know her birthday, and she wouldn't tell me, so my best guess is August 1st, 2018.
Devlyn was bought from a pet shop that went out of business. Came from an unnamed wholesale vender. The original owner did a lot to take care of Devlyn. A baby dragon who had parasites and a respiratory infection from the pet store. There were some hiccups with coil UVB bulbs but that was corrected after a vet visit in October 2018 to UVB fluorescent tubing and proper heat control and a bigger enclosure. The original owner sold Devlyn to me because Devlyn is a very picky eater (aka non-eater)(and as of 2/09/2020 Devlyn still can be a picky eater, she needs a lot of care to eat well) and the lady's life was very busy with other pets, kids, and a failed marriage. Devlyn went from whatever shadey pet place she was born, to a cheap pet store, to a loving first owner who only gave her up so Devlyn could get more attention and care and the cost of her ongoing care. My husband and I have given her a good home now! This is Devlyn town, she is the mayor, we do her bidding.
See pic above for her enclosure she has had since late 2018. About 45" by 17" by 19.2". New bulbs added after the move FYI. Devlyn likes color so I am currently going insane by creating more furniture, buying decorations and making decorative elements for her. Stay tuned for more episodes of Devlyn town!

Update 1/10/2021
Awoken from brumation#2. 119 days.


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I never updated. Devlyn finished all her antibiotics and finally was acting like her great goofy self again just in time to brumate. So now she is a sleepy girl. She sleeps hard when she brumates.

Quetzal seems to be trying to brumate. He spent 1 week in his hide. Then a week out. Today he went back into his hide. I'm all for supporting brumating but he had eaten and hasn't pooped in a month. When he was up I have daily baths to encourage poop but got nothing. His stomach doesn't have lumps but I'm not a vet. I'm keeping on eye on him and his semi-brumation progress.

Also, sharing one of the professional Devlyn Photos I got this summer. I'm glad I did it and it was amazing

Professional Devlyn Photo

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