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So I've got mixed reviews on this question from research. I've had some people say beardies can't see colors and some sites say they do. If they do see colors does anyone know if there are dominate colors they like or certain colors they hate or even colors they fear. This may be a strange question, just a curious question trying to learn. Thanks for reading and any information you may have.


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They definitely do see colors without a doubt. Dragons trying to eat objects that are the same color of their favorite food is a common behavior that owners see. As far as which colors they hate or like? I think that might be individual. One of my dragons likes green, and the other likes orange. I've never had a negative reaction caused by a color.

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Lizards unlike snakes can see a very wide range of visible colors, some can even see into the ultraviolet spectrum. Bearded dragons can see pretty much every color you can, if not all the colors you can see and possibly more.
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