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Hi, I have 2 great collareds. They are very friendly, docile, and love to be handled, and seem to be happy and thriving.

For the past 2 weeks or so, they have been eating less, and sleeping much more. I feed them mainly calcium dusted crickets, and some veggies now and then. At various points in the day they will be very active, but much less frequently lately. I haven't noticed any weight loss. When I hold them, they are calm and very affectionate. Is this a normal seasonal thing, or should I be concerned? Any help is appreciated.


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I've stopped worrying. They still sleep a lot, but are eating much better, and overall seem fine. Both have taken to using the felt substrate as a "blanket" and seem to enjoy spending time there even though the temp is fine. Once I handle them a little, they are their old selves. Calm frinedly little guys.



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I have a trio of collards, they have done the same thing. I think that they brumate around this time, which is normal. Mine have done this the same time last year too, and they are really healthy and fine.


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You can try increasing the temps and ambient light a little, but if they are just sleepy because of the season, they really won't lose weight. If they start looking skinny, then we need to discuss it.

I LOVE collareds! I have a bunch. Most of them are brumating, but I have three girls that refused to go to sleep! :lol:
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