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Coccidia treatment, runny stool

My beardie was diagnosed with having pretty high levels of coccidia so they prescribed her a low dose of albon for 21 days. About day 2 her stools became runny. We are now about a week after treatment has finished, so 30 days ish after initial dose. And her stools are literally piles of mush and it's so nasty and such a pain to clean and sterilize everything every day. Is this a side effect of the drug? Will they go back to normal soon?
100watt MVB 11inches from basking.
108 basking area.
Eating greens and lots of crickets and roaches every day.
Behaviour hasn't noticeably changed at all.


BD.org Sicko
Staff member
It's good that her appetite is still strong. The Albon can be rough on them. Hopefully the treatment worked. I'd have another test done in maybe 2-3 weeks to verify. The runny stools may be related to treatment, but that more often causes dehydration so I would expect the opposite. Perhaps it's a dietary issue with too much fiber or too much water. I'd keep an eye on it for a couple of weeks to see if it changes to normal. Carpet can be tough to sanitize, so I would probably use something disposable like newspaper or butcher paper for now so that you can just toss it out and replace as needed. That will help prevent re-infection.


Original Poster
I'm so dumb I've been taking everything out every day and sanitizing it and steaming the carpet ? I finally just realized yesterday that I should just line the bottom with paper towel, duh.
She hasn't eaten at all today so I'm not sure what's up with her. It's hit or miss, 9/10 she eats like normal.
As far as the runny stool goes, she does LOVE and mean LOOVE greens.. so maybe I'm giving her too much. I just get nervous when she won't eat the crickets/roaches, that she is hungry so I give her greens. I'm a bad mom ?


BD.org Sicko
Staff member
Greens and veges are great. They may be causing the runny stool but are generally very healthy and should be encouraged as much as possible.
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