Clyde has Preovulatory Follicular Stasis


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That's great Clyde had a good trip! So the stitches are just coming out on their own now, how
is that area healing up?
How is her appetite doing? It sounds like things are going well, I'm sure she is feeling a lot better
Keep us posted on how it is all going!

Appetite is great! I’m going to measure Clyde’ length soon so I can get a good idea of how much he should weigh but it’s been a little difficult to gauge since I don’t know how much the ovaries weighed. Rn he’s at 440 grams and his belly looks pretty plump, although he’s been a little constipated since the surgery/move (not too bad). He had a couple of poops that were VERY large but his poops are getting more and more consistent. I’m sure it’s from all the stress and relocation. Vet said I could bathe him so he’s had one bath and swam for the first time since he was a baby!!!

There’s a new window in my new room and so far it’s been a big adjustment for him. He loved his old window in Boulder but this one (very tall, actually more of a sliding glass door that leads to a balcony) intrigues him but also spooks him. The other day he was staring out it and then got spooked and ran to hide SO fast! Has anyone experienced this with “new” windows? I’m trying to get him adjusted to running around the new room but for now he’s still pretty timid about it so I’m going to take it slow.

I have an appointment with a new vet this Thursday (30th) to check the scar tissue and maybe remove that one last stitch.
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Okay so one thing has come up that is a new concern for me. Clyde has started digging in his hide again? I’m not sure if this is relocation stress, right now he’s only doing it enough to get “comfy.” But this morning I fed him his collard green and zucchini (which he’s been crazy about) and right after he went for his hide to dig and get comfy. I just upped his light schedule from 13 hrs to 13.5 hrs of daylight cause i’m worried he’s randomly decided to start brumation soon. He’s also a little constipated. I’m seeing a vet tomorrow but I’m just worried because I’m my mind digging is brumation or gravid. What else could it mean? Relocation stress? Upset/uncomfortable from being no constipated?

The surgeon said that the ovaries has a small potential of growing back if they didn’t get everything. Does anyone know more about his and how I can look out for it?


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