cliff hanging sleeping baby beardie

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I recently rescured a baby beardie from the snow in Prescott. I knew what he was when I saw him, and knew he would die if I diddnt take him in. First thing I did after warming him up and giving him some much needed attention and food, I took him to the vet and had him checked out. Aside from a couple missing toes, he was a completely healthy bouncing baby beardie. Like every pet I own, I pampered Ajax. He now resides in a 55 gal home with 2 logs to hide under, 3 big logs to climb on, a nice soft rabbit pellet floor for those unexpected drops, and a cool 80 degrees on one side and 100 degrees on the other. Like most beardies, he is affectionate, loves to be played with, eats well, doesnt move around as much I would expect, but otherwise normal. He does however have one odd habbit. While most beardies are supposed to like to burrow or hide when they sleep, this one climbs to the highest point he can find, and stretches himself across the forked end of the branch. the link provided will show a picture of this. It looks like a scene from cliffhanger with him dangeling there, seemingly clinging for dear life, but in actuality, he is comfortable and sleeping! Does anyone out there have the same situation going on, or do I just have a rare adrenaline junkie beardie?


Hello! My beardie does the same thing..He will sleep halfway hanging off his hammock looking like he is about to fall..but he is sleeping soundly. In the wild In sure they have adapted to sleeping high up to avoid being eaten.

just curious...what are rabbit pellets? pellets make me think it is small round things...if so watch your beardie and make sure it is not ingesting these!

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I couldn't see your pic, but my Roran does it too. He will go to the corner of his hammock and "sit" on his rear with us arms and head going up the corner of the viv. Strangest thing!
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