Cleaning and sanitation.


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I wish I could copy paste from a pdf on my phone I had to carefully transcribe it until Google figured out what I meant then read the Wikipedia article until it let me know it was the long form name of the Benzalkonium Chloride.

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Man. Now that is dedication 😁. My spelling is generally so bad spell check just gives up lol.


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So I have a confession to make. So far the only cleaning I've done in Beebz enclosure is using a damp paper towel to remove feces and wipe up any residue.

I had seen recommendations to use a water/vinegar mix but as vinegar evaporates into VOCs in the form of acetic acid I never felt comfortable using it.

I've also seen recommendations for F10 but am unsure how exactly it's used.

So how, and how often so you guys sanitize your enclosures? Do you use F10 every time you clean feces? Do you remove your dragon when you do this? Do you ever do a full wipedown of all surfaces, including those that are unsoiled? What is your protocol for that?

Oh and if using F10 what dilution is used? It looks like it ought to be either 2ml or 4ml per liter correct?

Believe it or not I use baby wipes to clean up poop and the residue everyday. She sits on her basking slate and watches me. She knows every morning the first thing I'm going to do besides rub her and tell her good morning and I love her is too clean her poops. I have had absolutely no problems.

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