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Claud The Backyard Farmer (self proclaimed)


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Claudiusx .... I saw this in my news feed today Grocery stores struggle with empty shelves from food supply shortages
how are supermarkets looking in your neck of the woods ???
if it's happening in your area , bet you are glad you put in those raised beds now.

Are the restriction / rationing staples to concerve stock yet ?
There been a run on tissue paper and paper towel , mince , chicken pieces and cooking supplies there ?

The crazies are clearing the shelves here ( hot items in Jan2022 are RATs , surgical and N95 masks , chicken pieces, mince , snags, all manner of vegs , and yet the great dunnypaper run is on AGAIN ....

if it's happening in your area , bet you are glad you put in those raised beds now.
No, not in California at least. Or not in my area of California. But i've see the prices of a few things rise quite high. Most everything I buy has stayed stable though. We hardly ever eat chicken, and the wife wanted me to pick some up. It was 9.99$ per lb. Last time I bought chicken I probably paid about 2 bucks a lb... I know what they say about happy wife happy life, but I refuse to spend 10 bucks a lb on some chicken when that's what I pay for good cuts of steak lol..

We had a slight shortage of TP again a few months ago, but it hasn't been an issue since. The whole hoarding thing has died down here from what I've seen. The panic is gone really.

I'm just about to start working on the garden again for this season. All the local farmers already have fields full of stuff. Not sure what all they've planted yet, but fields rarely stay bare around here for long thanks to the weather.

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