Caved in on DUBIAS!

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Hey yall :)
Its Emily here....
well, i told myself i would never be able to handle the idea of keeping roaches...BUT, today i caved in and purchased a cup of 50 dubias.
Im not planning on breeding them right now, i just want to see how Blue reacts to them, and if she likes them, all that :)
I love to keep variety of live prey in her diet, right now its Reptis and Supers and the occasional Hornworm. I thought, why not add some Dubia to her diet? SO, i plan on keeping these guys in a plastic bin with some sort of heat source to keep them warm, maybe like a heating pad under or over some of the bin .... maybe an eggs carton and some bran chow?
All depending on whether she likes them or not (which my suspicion is she will, i know so many people's beardies love them) ..... i dont know how long 50 of the medium .5 - 1 inch dubias will last her. Anyone have alot of luck with Dubias, and any tips on keeping them? If i DO decide to breed, i could breed them in my garage, i have outlets and all that in there...for a heat lamp and such. If im reading correctly they CANNOT climb well or fly ...... ugh i really hope not!!! lol. is this true?
Any thoughts on Dubias? Do you guys dust them with calcium or vitamins? do you feed your beardie one at a time until they are full, or put them in a ceramic bowl?
Im TOTALLY new to Dubias, so any thoughts are REALLLLLLLY WELCOME!!!!
thanks guys :)
Em and Blue


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If your beardie loves them, my guess is sooner or later you will *cave* on the breeding as well LOL

You do NOT have to keep feeder dubia warmed up...that is only for breeding purposes :mrgreen:

Just a plastic bin and some food and water crystals...although I do NOT use water crystals in my feeder bin at all. Just some greens, ground up dog food and a piece of apple or pear or such. They get hydration from the fruit and greens :)

My beardies viv is on top of a dresser and I keep the dubia feeder bin in one of the drawers, I don't even keep a lid on it LOL

I do keep a couple of those toilet paper tubes in there. I can grab the tube and tap out some dubia into the feeding need to grab them by hand...and it is very quick that way LOL

Let us know how your beardie likes them!



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OH MY GOSH thank you so much Sherri :)

whew what a relief to now i dont have to warm them, at least not this first batch that im not breeding....but you are so right, i probably will cave in on the breeding!!!!!

and awesome, sounds like a pretty easy feeder to keep, im excited!!! i will DEF let you know if Blue likes them :) :)
Now i know exactly how to care for them, thank you so much!!! Doing the ROACH DANCE right now. :blob5:

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