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Hello! I currently live with a roommate, who has a cat. I just stumbled across information that states cat germs can be highly infectious to beardies. My dragon and the cat are not allowed to/never interact. However, the cat sheds A LOT. I am always vacuuming, there’s never been fur in his enclosure, however he does get free roam time (always post vaccuum, but it’s nearly impossible to get all the cat fur). I am concerned this could make my dragon ill. He has already been suffering from an infection - will this mess up the healing process? We go to the vet again Thursday to get recheck blood work. It’s too late where I live to email the vet and I am kind of panicking. Thanks all.

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Can anyone tell me what kind or morph my bearded dragon is? I was told fancy when I bought it by store employee and inferno leatherback by a customer. Or do I just have a regular one?

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