Can Rankin’s dragons be housed together?


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I just need to state this: I in no way intend to get another pet anytime soon.

What I do want to know is if Rankin’s dragons actually live in groups in the wild or if that’s just another myth that can have dangerous consequences in captivity. Like I said, I’m not even considering getting another pet, I’m just curious. I don’t even want Rankin’s dragons because they are super hard to find in the US.

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Well, bearded dragons can be housed together too. It doesn't mean it's the most optimal for the species.

I've never had rankins, but I can't really find anything that states they do better in a group. And usually, that means they do better alone.
But, this is just based on my very limited knowledge on the species.



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I know I’m 2 years late, but a friend of mine has their trio together. It does depend on the dragon, but they can be housed together. I personally wouldn’t suggest it as it can lead to disastrous consequence, such as accidental mating and injuries. Hope that answers your question!

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