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Can my beardie catch my cold?


Hey all, after the passing away of my other baby my family got me a baby beardie for my birthday. He is perfectly healthy very active and still a little stressed from the move but adjusting pretty well I’d say. I caught the common cold recently and didn’t realize I had it for a bit and to feed my bearded dragon I place him in a bin with crickets and let him eat as much as he wants. Apart from that I haven’t handled him yet because I don’t want to stress him out and he doesn’t seem ready for it yet (okay with me picking him up to place him in feeding) and i tbink the cold slowly developed over the past couple days and I’ve been handling him for feeding. Is there a risk he can get sick? Didn’t realize I had the cold until later yesterday.


BD.org Sicko
The corona viruses that call colds in humans will not effect a reptile.

That said , with so much Delta in your country , it would be wise to get tested for covid , as it's very likely you may be infected with Delta or one of the other variants in your country.
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