Can my beardie by in the same room as a soy wax candle?


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Not an expert by any means, but I don't think the soy itself would be a problem if that is what you are worried about. Their respiratory systems are very sensitive, so I would be worried about any kind of fragrance the candle has or just the smoke in general personally.


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personally i don't risk it. i think the issue is more what else is in the candle than the candle itself, like essential oils. i know that tea tree is highly toxic. i also have a parakeet, which means no teflon pans because of the fumes. (which is good cause i love me some cast iron cooking!) the way i look at it, if your lungs are roughly the size of a peanut anything like that is going to be much more of an impact. so i follow that same rule for my dragon since they are both in the same room. there are plenty of other rooms in my house on a different floor where candles or incense can be used safely with the doors to their room closed.

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