Can i use a chlorhexidine 2% solution diluted with water to disinfect a styrofoam back wall?


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Hi, it's me again 😅
I wanted to deep clean and disinfect my buddies enclosure, since the vet found a few worm eggs in his poop.

The question is, can I use chlorhexidine to clean his backwall and his logs? Since it's made out of styrofoam, I figured that I can't use a normal disinfectant because I can't properly wash it off, and I read that it's not harmful even if something of the chlorhexidine stays on. For the rest I'd use a vinegar and water mixture + dish soap.

Thanks for the help!


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I think this would be totally fine, considering you can use a diluted chlorhexidine in their mouths for brushing teeth.

I personally use F10 solution, it is a veterinary grade cleaning disinfectant that is also super safe and also ok if there is any residual residue.

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