Can I please email someone some pictures?***pictures added**

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Our devices won't let us use photobucket. I would like one of the "experts" on here to look at our beardies viv & be sure it is ok. He appears to always have stress marks when he's in his viv. I have pictures of him too.

So if its ok please let me know. Post a reply here or send me a PM. Thank you.

EDIT***Thankfully one of the people that I emailed the pictures to, posted them for me & taught me how to post from my phone! Yippie!

Viv specs:
105 hot side (hammock)
85 cool side (he's NEVER over there)
10.0 reptisun
No water in viv.

Bathed every other day. Freaks if I try to drop water on him.
Typically eats 3 times a day -- approx 20 feeders each time. However, for 3 days now he's refused his "lunch". He hasn't been eating greens much. Tomorrow he is going to get greens only for breakfast as recommended by one of the emails.
His tail has also gone almost white. So I'm assuming shed.
When he's out for a few minutes his stress marks fade. I'll try to get pictures of the disappearing stress marks.

Anyway, thank you again for all the wonderful helpful ideas on here.


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Hi there,
I am not sure I am an expert,,,but I do know about setting up enclosures and also know how to troubleshoot alot of problems,
if you want you can e-mail me at [email protected] and I will take a look for you.


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It see alike everything's good idk why he can have stresses marks sometimes they are just there like my Zeus always has them and idk why but your set up looks nice temps sound good here's the pics



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Thanks for posting the pics!!! The only computer I have access to (since mine keeps breaking .... Grrr) is my husband's work laptop --- on which photobucket is "blocked."

I guess I won't fret if he's just going to be that way.

I'm so excited to see the pictures on here. :)


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Yeah idk why nobody could really give me an ANWSER either just said some beardies can have them I was thinking maybe u could get a fecal done I'm no expert yet but I wonder if parasites could cause that? But u got my email so if u ever need me to post pics for u just send them and I can do it also if u got a iPod,iPad,iPhone there's a photobucket app

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Cute beardie. I'd like to jump in here if that's ok. I noticed that both probe thermometers are attached to the wood when actually the probe wire should be detached with the probe laying right on the basking area, in this case, the hammock. The probe on the cool side should be laying right on the bottom of the tank and way over on that side. Then you wait about 45 min to an hr for the temps to stop rising before getting the final readings. Would you be able to recheck both temps that way and let us know what the results are?

Is there any way you can slide the UVB over a little closer to the basking bulb? That way he would get the benefit of both bulbs at the same time.
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