Can I Feed my Baby Beardie Zoo Med ReptiCricket

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I was just wondering if i can feed him strictly these because its hard to keep live crickets and hes already eaten ones i killed because i didnt want them running around his tank all night so i put them in his bowl and he ate them all so would this be okay or any other crickets in container type? Or is there any worms that can be his stable diet? Plus i give him greens all the time.


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Repti worms are really good and also butter worms. Not so sure about the canned crickets! Dubia's are also good and really easy to keep.


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Until she decided she hated crickets (about 4 months ago), Loki got mostly canned crickets. I'd give her the canned ones daily & live ones a couple times a week to keep her active and interested in them. She is now almost a year old and healthy and robust.

If you don't want crickets running around your beardie's tank you can get something like a critter keeper or other large plastic tub, put your beardie in there and feed him. That way they can't get in little nooks and crannies and you can tell how much he's eating. :)
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Hello , im still figureing out this platform,
So violet laid eggs, weeks ago, she was doing very well , in the last 3 to 4 days her poop was more than runny . Haven't changed much in her diet , an appetite is very good. Should I be considering a parasites remedy as she does get bloated as soon as she starts to eat.
My baby beardie likes to sit in their water bowl. I'm curious on whether it would hurt them or not.
Any thoughts an knowledge will be helpful. Thank u

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