Can beardies play with birds?

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Me and my wife have 2 cockatiels, a beardy, a ton of fish, and 2 dogs (a boxer and a Chihuahua). The boxer wants to play with / eat (im not sure which) the beardy and the birds so the birds and lizard get their own room upstairs, now my question is whether it is wise to even see if they will tolerate each other if I let them out at the same time. I mean are there any diseases that they can catch from one another? Has anyone tried this?


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birds are one of their natural predators in the wild. I personally wouldn't have them in the same room at all. It might cause a lot of stress.


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still not a good idea, and size doesn't really matter that much. Smaller animals can dominate larger ones and large animals can be scared of things much smaller than them. Happens all the time. Fear is not always rational, even with animals.


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huh, didnt really think it was a good idea, so have never tried it. But have never even though about him seeing them though. Right now they are in seperate rooms, but once we move we were planning on putting them in the same room. Might have to put a piece of cardboard on that side of the tank to keep them out of sight.


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I wouldn't even think about it, and i completely agree with Ziggy23..
Have you ever taken him outside?
If you have, you will no how black a beardie will go when they see a bird...
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