Can bearded dragons get along with chameleons?


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Now I have done some research and I understand that bearded dragons are very territorial and are solitary creatures. I am not asking can they be friends, but can they roam around the same room with no problems?

Both my lizards enjoy being out in the living room, my beardie explores the floor and my chameleon climbs on everything she can. But I’m nervous to have them out at the same time. Is it possible for them to have their adventures and not bother each other??


CooperDragon Sicko
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It may be possible and probably depends on each personality so it's hard to say for sure. I might have better info if I knew more about chameleons.

AHBD Sicko
It's possible but you would have to be in the room at ALL times. Beardies can climb too and any other reptile with slow movements like a chameleon and a long [ although usually curled ] tail can be tempting for a beardie to attempt to bite .

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