Can anyone help? Really worried.

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Hi everyone I’m new here and I’m finding out I don’t know as much as I should have before I got my wee guy or girl Ash.
I’ve had him for around 4 weeks. When I first got him his underbelly was white. He looked active enough, tail good but after a few days he got stress marks on his belly, wouldn’t eat more that one locust a day and a couple of strong rocket leaves. I’ve had to drip water on his nose. He keeps hiding at the hot end of the tank and sleeps most of the time. He’s starting to calm down when I hold him but I’m really worried. I’ve checked temperatures, everything seems fine. He’s pooping. I don’t understand why he’s like this. He’s eating is getting worse. I’ve never seen him eat or drink from his bowls. Can anyone help please? I meant to say I’m a very busy mum of another pet and 2 autistic kids and may not get back to you right away. Apologies in advance. Thanks for any advice. I will post a pic of the tank and Ash asap.

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Definitely post some pictures of your little one for us, along with your tank setup so we can see his physical condition
& living environment, too. We need to review your lighting, temperatures, supplementation, etc to be sure it is all correct
for him/her.


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