can a Beardie Shed to much? or Shed unevenly?


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Hi, beardie family-i was looking at My Letty whn i had her in the sun-shes shedding but her head & tail areas- well u can see the layers of skin tht she has shed & hasnt which is causing it 2B uneven i guess. My daughter had mentioned cant they over shed. cuz i used so stuff to help her shed-which thn made me a little panicked. so just kinda wondering.. and advice? answers, or thoughts are more than welcome👍
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Dragons shed at different times and different spots
yes-i do understand they don’t do all over sheds. i accidentally posted before i finished typing - not sure if u seen all i posted. kinda wondering about it tho- i hvnt really read to much on stuff like im seeing on her so kinda curious 🧐


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They won't shed to much. shed is in response to change in boby size. Their skin isn't elastic like ours so their only option is to shed. As they reach adult, shed slows down and becomes more patchy, but little ones can be patchy also.

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