Came home to Beardie with half a beard. Anybody seen this?


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yea. im in the process of rebuilding her enclosure as well. i took the walls down and am making new ones. im thinking of a weighted door on the front instead of the side. so she can get in and out but her food cant

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Wow, her beard looks perfectly normal now! How is her appetite today? It looks like she is essentially
all back to normal.
Keep us posted on her!



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had her vet visit today. she was fine. they said her labs came back with high potassium so to cut back more on the insects.
they are pretty sure it was a hematoma - no broken bones. some swelling around the eye most likely.


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So the hematoma was caused by high amounts of potassium was there any real conclusion as to why the dragon had the hematoma I wonder if that was what was happening to my dragon way back her beard still gets like that every once in a great moon I haven’t took her to get her blood drawn this year yet so maybe I’ll do that


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Her Labs had been done about a month before her beard did this. That was at her annual physical that they did her labs.

At the vet visit for her beard they did a examination and concluded it was a hematoma caused by trauma. So we are assuming that she had jumped from something or fell from something, impact her beard and caused this to happen.

Not sure if directly related but some days after this she was limping. Same side that she was favoring her eye and that had the hematoma. She had sprained her ankle and that took about a week to heal to where she would put pressure on it.

Her high potassium levels were a result of not being on a heavy enough greens diet

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